‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Preview ‘Room 33’


Next week’s preview of American Horror Story: Hotel looks quite intense. Not only does John look like he’s about to have a mental breakdown, but it also seems that he’ll be receiving very little support.

While we see Alex showing a bit of concern, Liz Taylor sits completely unfazed at the bar as John stands bloodied before her. So, what’s causing the breakdown? Is it the loss of his job? The impending divorce from Alex? Holden? At one point we see Holden in bed with his dad, but there’s no telling whether it’s real or simply part of John’s psychotic break.

Meanwhile, Donovan and Ramona seem just about ready to exact their revenge on the Countess. Whether they carry out their plan to kill Holden and the other children remains to be seen. But we will say this: it looks like little Scarlett might be in danger. With a vampire mom and a mentally unstable dad, it could be bad news.

According to the promo description, we’ll also see Liz Taylor in love as well as find out who’s been living in Room 33.


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