Andrew Lincoln Becomes 10th Highest-paid TV Actor in 2018

Andrew Lincoln
Photo: Walker Stalker Con/Heather Millsap

Forbes has reported a list of the top 10 highest-paid TV actors of this year. For the first time, Andrew Lincoln has been placed 10th on the list thanks to his outstanding performance as Rick Grimes in Season 9 of The Walking Dead where he was paid $11 million! Actors just ahead of him include Ty Burrell (Modern Family, $12 million) and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family, $13 million). Modern Family is now in its 10th season, with a total of four actors who made this list, including Burrell and Furguson; others being Eric Stonestreet ($13.5 million) and Ed O’Niell ($14 million). 1st place was taken by Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory, where he earned $26.5 million during the series’ 12th and final season.

Andrew Lincoln will be leaving The Walking Dead during the current 9th season, which is why this achievement is very appreciated by the overall cast, crew, and fandom as a whole. Andrew Lincoln’s final episode of The Walking Dead will air on November 4, as the fifth episode of Season 9. Ever since it was revealed that Episode 5 would be Rick’s last episode, fans have been speculating whether or not the main protagonist would be killed off, or just leave the show in some other form. At San Diego Comic-Con last July, Andrew Lincoln noted,

“My relationship with Mr. Grimes is far from over.”

Andrew Lincoln’s words have made some fans develop theories stating that Rick’s departure could mean something other than his death. “Rick Grimes’ Final Episodes” will conclude on November 4th.