‘Arrow’: Caity Lotz to Return for Season Finale

Arrow: Caity Lotz to Return for Season Finale

Sara Lance will be making her triumphant return to Star City during the Season 6 finale of Arrow. Actress Caity Lotz teased her upcoming appearance on Twitter, sharing a picture from Season 2 of Arrow.

Since joining the Legends, Sara hasn’t made an appearance on Arrow outside of the crossover events, so it is exciting to have her coming back to help in the fight against Richard Diaz, aka Dragon. What is even more exciting is the strong possibility that Sara will finally find out about her dead sister’s doppelganger, Black Siren.

Since Black Siren first appeared in the Arrowverse, fans have been wondering when the White Canary/Black Siren showdown would happen. Lotz and Katie Cassidy (Laurel Lance) have both weighed in on who would win in that fight, and now it’s looking like it might actually happen.

The season finale of Arrow is scheduled for Thursday, May 17.