BioWare Unveils It’s Post Launch Plans For ‘Anthem’


With the Anthem demo wrapping up last week and the release only two weeks away, BioWare has taken a moment to show us some of the post launch plans for Anthem. Hailed as an ongoing live game, whatever comes after you finish the story will be very important. If BioWare wants people to stick with their game, they have to give them a good reason. The chart below shows some of what we will see even in the first month of release.

(Photo credit to BioWare)

The game will see its first major content drop in March, with BioWare dubbing it “Act 01: Echoes of Reality“. In the game echoes are items you can use to stop Shaper relics causing Anthem creations, so one would assume this may tie into special echoes that could possibly help more with silencing these relics. Beyond this an Act 02 and Act 03 are booked, but there are no dates or corresponding titles to give us any idea as to what they are. Something intriguing about the way BioWare has named the Acts? The addition of a zero before the numbers. This at least implies we will make it to double digit content drops, which speaks not only to plenty of content, but frequent content.

Here is a second chart detailing the first Act-

(Photo credit to BioWare)

Act 01 will involve three updates, an Evolving World, Stronger Together, and The Cataclysm. We could have seen a hint towards the Cataclysm during the demo, the large storm that overtook the sky. The event is unpredictable and can cause any number of things to happen, so your guess is as good as mine at what will happen and what might shape Act 02. The smaller text at the bottom tells us to expect new events, quality of life updates (buffing and nerfing), new rewards, expanding progression, a new stronghold (I am excited for this), guilds and leaderboards, and new missions.

Did you get to try the demo? What did you think? Will you be picking up Anthem? Anthem launches February 22nd, 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. All of the above post launch content will be free of charge when it releases.