Chandler Riggs’ Eclipse Drops an Exhilarating ‘New Noise’ Single ‘Endeavor’

CR: Dim Mak

The Walking Dead alum Chandler Riggs is taking his music career to new heights with his latest single. Riggs dropped his newest tune under his music-making alias ‘Eclipse’ titled Endeavor on Tuesday as part of Steve Aoki’s independent recording label Dim Mak’s New Noise series – a bi-weekly, free-download platform which focuses on up and coming, new artists.

CR: Dim Mak

Riggs’ latest song release is another steps in his journey to pursue his true life’s passion – music. In a statement, Riggs spoke about what his latest release means to him, and how he has found himself within the creative outlet of music. He said:

“Music has been a passion of mine since my dad and I were rocking out to the Foo Fighters before I could even talk, and it always will be,” states Riggs. “Over the last year and a half, I’ve kickstarted my career as a musician – which has been an incredible journey so far, specifically due to it being a much more freedom-oriented creative outlet for me. When I open a script, I’m limited to the words on the page, my creativity only pours out of how I say those words – however when I open Ableton, the possibilities are endless. ‘Endeavor’ showcases that endless possibility, and paves the road for my signature sound and future releases under Eclipse, from utilizing massive orchestral pieces and integrating them into electronic music.”

CR: Dim Mak

Last year, Riggs made his debut on the music scene when he released two amazing singles – his first single called Hold On, a year-long project in collaboration with artist Lolaby, and Lunar and is a collaboration with electronic music producer Jaron. His latest release, Endeavor, displays his dynamic and cutting-edge sound as well as is evolution thus far as a budding musical artist. Check out a snippet of Endeavor below.

Endeavor is currently available to stream or download on various platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Tidal

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