Cosplay Spotlight: Kalinka Fox

Today’s cosplay spotlight is on Kalinka Fox. She describes herself as “I’m a little bit of a cosplayer and a little bit of a model.” Her costumes are top-notch and the photography is excellent. Enjoy and be sure to give her a follow on Instagram!

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Full set on p❤️treon in July, less than 2 weeks left☝️ Not so long ago I have started having a problem with cosplay😶 Before that I thought that yeah, everything is great – dressing as a character, makeup, new locations for photoshoots, a whole new world🔥 But there was still a feeling of emptiness and I couldn’t understand where it was coming from. But finally, I realized: I don’t get a chance to dive deep into the favorite fictional world. I used to be a fangirl before. I cosplayed not as much and only my favorite characters, about whom I knew everything. And now, that the world is full of titles and demands for new cosplays, I don’t get a chance to get to know that “fictional world”. One character comes after another, and there are so many of them that I make more than 3 cosplays a month, with each character having a different source. As you can imagine, I can’t fully play through three games every month and fall in love with everyone who you ask me to cosplay😔 I want to pause this race for new titles (and, sadly, such race for hyped characters is required for many people to be popular in cosplay nowadays). Now I am very into Star Wars. It is a huge world full of interesting characters, a marvelous culture and so much I still don’t know🤩 I am very inspired by everything I find out every day and I have already made a list of characters who I want to cosplay in the nearest time. So for the next half a year please expect a lot of content connected to the Star Wars and things that I really like. I want to take a break from countless different worlds and just dive into one, fully❤️ Become a part of resistance or allure you to the dark side with cookies🌚 I hope you can support me! If you’re not a fan of the Star Wars, I offer you to dive into this world with me and find something for yourself in it🎉 #reystarwars #starwarscosplay #reyskywalker #reycosplay

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