Country Musician Brett Eldredge’s Dog Edgar is Totally an Instagram Star!

CR: Brett Eldredge/Instagram

Country musician Brett Eldredge may be the star of the show when he’s performing on stage, however, on Instagram,  his pup Edgar totally steals the show!

Edgar is a Weimaraner/Vizsla mixed breed and lives in the lap of luxury. Eldredge adopted the pup back in July of 2016 and the two connected instantly. They have been inseparable ever since! Edgar has turned into an Instagram sensation and even makes appearances at Eldredge’s shows.

Allow us to introduce you to the adorable and sweet Edgar. He’s the coolest and most chill dog on the planet! While he frequently appears on Eldredge’s social media pages, Edgar is SO cool that he even has his own Instagram account.

Does this mean I’m cool???

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Edgar loves, loves, LOVES to hang out with his dad (Eldredge), and he loves to take selfies.

Stay in or go out?

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Sometimes, Edgar even joins his dad on stage! Edgar really seems to love the attention. (Don’t worry, folks. Edgar wears special puppy headphones to block out the loud crowds, instruments and other concert-related sounds that might be startling to a pup!)

Bed head jams!

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When they’re at home together, sometimes his dad’s smooth singing voice soothes a tired Edgar to sleep. Here’s a video of Edgar catching a Memorial Day snooze while Eldredge serenades him with a patriotic tune.

Edgar loves the outdoors and hanging out on the river. We’re not totally sure, but based on this video, we think his favorite movie might be Titanic. He has to be a Leonardo DiCaprio fan, don’t you think? We’ll never let go, Edgar! We’ll never let go!

We out here lookin for Rose…😂

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Edgar may not be the best partier, though. There’s video proof of him being the first one to pass out a party, and you know what that means! Puppy pranks may or may not have ensued.

In the end, Edgar is the happiest pup in the world for finding his forever home with Eldredge. He’s found his person, at last!

When Im singin for ya, feel free to have a snack in the middle of the song😂😂

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For more videos of Edgar or of Brett Eldredge, make sure you follow them both on Instagram – @edgarboogie and @bretteldredge.

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