‘Destiny 2’: Updates Will Arrive Early


Bungie has officially released it’s brand new schedule of development, which also includes the release of Destiny 2.

There will be six updates as a part of the pre-launch, which begins on August 28th. These changes include, weapon slot changes, players will be able to test the new loadouts on Destiny 2’s first year; which will be highly customizable and random, bulk shader deletion, and 200 extra vault slots will be in the August 28th update. Collectors will have a much better time because they will therefore find it easier to work with their inventory. The full launch will happen a week later on September 4th.

There will also be updates to the weekly milestone system and the daily challenges. Moreover, there will be director updates and Heroic story missions. All the pre-launch updates are free and available to download for all Destiny 2 players.

Bungie was keen to note that on the September 4th Forsaken launch day, not everything in the update will become available. The new Crucible maps will be added throughout the season, including one PlayStation exclusive map. Iron Banner will be scheduled at a later date.