‘Ducktales’ Season 3 Announced!

“Bless Me Bagpipes!” Season 2 hasn’t even premiered yet, and we’ve already gotten confirmation on Ducktales (2017) being renewed for a third Season! Now if you follow my Ducktales Un-Plucked recaps, you’ve already heard me go on and on about this show. Between the various levels of humor, crisp writing and fearlessness when it comes to hard-hitting/ uncomfortable topics, Ducktales is the kind of family show we NEED. And it looks like audiences agree! Merely a few weeks into its first season, the show was picked up for Season 2. Now a few weeks before Season 2 begins, we get the announcement video of Season 3 – and what an announcement video it was!

One of my favorite aspects of Ducktales (2017) is its self-awareness/ meta humor; and that is on full display in this announcement teaser. For example, David Tennant’s past as ‘the Doctor’ on Doctor Who has been subtly referenced before (ie: casting Catherine Tate – one of the Doctor’s traveling companions – to again play opposite Tennant as Magica DeSpell ). This teaser on the other hand calls it out directly when Bobby Moynihan, Ben Schwartz and Danny Pudi start mocking Tennant when he misses his cue and comment “More like Doctor When”. As always, this is a show that thrives both in its directness and its subtleties. Though maybe it’s a good idea that Huey, Dewey and Louie don’t regularly record together…

Ducktales Season 2 will release in less than a month – on October 20th to be exact! – and if the teaser images we saw during the Ducktales San Diego Comic Con panel are any inkling, it’s going to be big! From steampunk Gizmoduck and Beakley dressed as Darkwing Duck to the famous Three Caballeros, Season 2 is going to have plenty of new stories and homages to the past. So get excited Duck-fans! And be sure to stay tuned here when our Ducktales: Un-Plucked series resumes to get a Closer Look at every Ducktales episode this coming season!