‘Good Girls’ Recap: ‘Jeff’

Last week on Good Girls we found ourselves wondering what body was in Beth’s yard. After all, we all assumed the body had to be Boomer’s because that was the only thing that made any sense. We were all wrong and did we find out in a big way how wrong we were. If these moments were not enough to comprehend this episode, so many aspects of this episode have left audiences and myself dumbfounded I am still shaking my head. We have to start somewhere so we might as well start at the beginning.

By the beginning, I am referring to when Mary Pat began her life of crime. Eight months prior when we met her, we see her looking out the window. She is taking in the sight of her husband and their children. Everything is going well. Her husband finally began to receive his VA disability benefits and everything was going to be okay again. Granted, in today’s world in order to afford all her bills, food for the kids, clothes for the kids, and whatever else her kids need that money was likely to go quicker than one could imagine. So when she discovers her husband’s dead body on the front law she does not report him.


That’s right. She does not report him even though she does initially call 911 to get an ambulance out there to check on her husband. Upon glancing over at the check though she realizes that she would have to give up his benefits. She would never receive all the money he should receive ever again. So the explanation that the ladies received earlier on in the season about Boomer’s death was actually about Jeff, Mary Pat’s husband. She cut up her husband so he could continue providing for them. I’m not sure whether I’m more disturbed by this or when she was clearly willing to do it again with Boomer.

The worst part is that she made the ladies think that she had gotten rid of their problem. While it was shocking to hear the words coming out of her mouth, they were so shocking that no one thought not to take her at face value. Seeing Annie tackle Mary Pat in this episode was beyond satisfying. In many ways, I feel they put this in there so we could all live vicariously through Annie in this episode. She did exactly what everyone has wanted to do since they introduced this character. To listen to the information as they taped her to a chair though also felt incredible yet dumbfounding.


Why did we not see this earlier on? I think Christopher Priest’s The Prestige said it best when he wrote, “Now you’re looking for the secret, but you won’t find it, because of course you’re not really looking. You don’t really want to know. You want to be fooled.” The truth is that while we are watching most films or television shows we want to be fooled. We want that twist to shock us. We want to be able to say, “I did not see that coming.” Because the events that take place later in the episode are so painfully clear now that we have had the secret opened up to us. However, they have fooled us since the episode “You Have Reached the Voicemail of Leslie Peterson.”

We learn that Marion Peterson has kept the biggest secret of all this season. I kept wondering why she was so calm when Annie told her that Boomer was alive. She did not even change the subject as she continued to clean. We later learn though that the reason she puts on the best show is that Boomer is not only alive but living in her attic! He has been there each time Annie has come over to help her. Boomer has literally been under our noses the whole season but none of us wanted to see this twist. I have so many questions derived from this single moment.


How on Earth did he manage to get to his grandmother’s place? How did he heal? Did she take him to the hospital? How would Agent Turner not have been informed? I need answers to so many questions that we might not even discover in the finale. I’m not sure how much information that Annie will be able to squeeze out of both Boomer and Marion at this point. After all, she had come to return the key. Marion might also fall into protecting Boomer to the point that she is willing to go to the extremes to make sure Annie does not leave.

While I am unable to erase these are moments from my mind, I find myself more distraught over Ruby and Stan’s predicament. Predicament does not even seem like a strong enough word for what they are going through. In many ways, I feel that their family stands to lose the most with everything going on currently. To make matters a thousand times worse, the law office they hired discovered the money is counterfeit that Ruby gave them to cover the fees upon attempting to deposit the money. If that was not bad enough the lawyer is meeting with Agent Turner to who he will gain a deposition from.
Ruby is still determined somehow to fight the charges against Stan who has given up and gone back to the court-appointed lawyer.  Considering that Ruby gave them the money though I have a feeling she should also be looking for a lawyer as well.  There’s no way she will get away unscathed by Noah realizing that Rio’s organization revolves around counterfeiting.  While a part of me that Noah will help out Annie,  after she confronted him finally about his involvement in the FBI’s case against Beth, I am hoping that he somehow fixes it so that none of our favorite ladies end up in jail somehow.  I cannot understand how this even possible though all things considered from this past week’s episode.
With the season finale coming up this Sunday, I am curious as to how the show will end this season.  I cannot imagine it ending without someone going to jail even if that character is someone we do not see coming. Will Agent Turner get what he wants after all this time?  Will Annie coax Boomer into coming out of hiding to limit some of the repercussions?  Did you see this week’s twist coming? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to watch Good Girls this upcoming Sunday at 10 pm EST on NBC.

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  1. What about the mobile phone that was ringing in Boomer’s pocket when they had to unwrap him from the plastic to retrieve it? It makes no sense that it was Jeff’s body. Why and how would he have Boomer’s phone

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