‘Good Girls’ Recap: ‘One Last Time’


Two week’s ago on Good Girls we learned about the bond that forged between Beth and Ruby since they were young women. These bonds are hard to break and even harder to relinquish when one grows older. In fact, while some find it impossible to maintain these friendships over the years, some of us cannot fathom not remaining in contact with at least one or two friends we made while in school. The events of last week though led hard into the opening of this week leaving fans stunned but not surprised by the events and how they unfolded.

Good Girls opened with Ruby extremely frustrated about her kids refusal to get out of bed. A common occurrence of course in the morning between parents and their children. Sometimes even in convincing oneself to get out of bed. Thanks to Stan the kids come into the room just in time to hear a knock at the door and watch their father get arrested. While Stan does not want his children to see such it appears that Agent Turner does not care, or he has finally gotten to the point where he refuses to care, because they have had more than enough opportunities to remedy the situation.

Stan discovers how much pressure that Agent Turner was laying down on Ruby to turn in Beth as he experiences the same amount of pressure. While in lock up, Agent Turner makes his not so simple case once more. If they had helped him attain Beth, or they still help him, most of their problems will go away. In regards to a decent solution, this is not a valid one within the grand scheme of their lives. Regardless, Ruby finds herself determined to get her husband out of jail. A feat considering the amount that needed seems impossible.


Going back into the pay day loan store she swore she would never be again, the guy behind the counter irritates half of the viewers by pointing out he knew she would be back. Instead of empathy he conveys a lack of compassion toward anyone who has to walk through those doors. Considering the amount that Ruby needs, $35,000, he turns her down despite her having her pay stubs knowing that she would never be able to pay that amount back. Ruby decides in that moment that the pay day loan store is the perfect place for her and the girls to rob because she has to get the money to get Stan out of jail somehow.

At first I feel that Annie and Beth actually debate on whether they should help their friend though which dumbfounds me. I understand that with Agent Turner hot on everyone’s trail that it is not the best time to rob anywhere else. However, considering what Ruby has done to keep Beth out of jail the move does not make any sense to me. So when Beth comes over after realizing that she cannot stay in the house one more night without her kids, nor is Dean going to bring them back home anytime soon, Beth lays down some ground rules for their upcoming robbery.


What the ladies do not think about is that the safe will be time sensitive. This of course is to ensure that many of these stores do not get robbed. Instead of coming back in the morning, which is what the cashier suggests, they kidnap him instead. Beth and Annie really have to get to a point in their lives where they realize that they cannot keep kidnapping guys who do not cooperate with them. As the ladies get in deeper with the kidnapping, the cashier seems oddly calm about everything. This is later revealed because he knew it was Ruby the entire time.

During the lack of robbery though, Beth knows she has to attend her daughter’s birthday party and arrives at Dean’s mother’s house. Much to her surprise she learns that Dean only told his mother of his indiscretions in the marriage and reveals that when someone cheats on a person it makes them do crazy things. Including hiring teenage hit-men to assassinate Rio in his case. In Beth’s case it was becoming a part of book club. While I would like to believe that no one else would come up with these scenarios something tells me I’m wrong about that but I have no desires to hear those details.


Regardless, Dean finds himself wanting his family back to normal and no one can blame him. No one wants their spouse, or a loved one, to become a drug dealer. That’s not how life works, but we are surprised to learn that Rio is so easily going to let Beth walk out of his life. Not before one last time together. Beth finds herself back to where she was once more. The modern day housewife. This is not a bad thing by any means. I’m interested to see how next week’s episode moves forward without her since she so quickly became such an intricate part of Rio’s organization though. I also wonder how she will cope with such.

Until then I have a few more points I’d like to focus on in the episode that made me tilt my head. While I can understand why Ruby’s daughter feels the way she feels about Stan staying in jail I was irrationally angry to hear her say such. I’m waiting for the conversation between mother and daughter that will inevitably take place about her father. Namely because she did not seemed impressed that her mother managed to get her father out of jail while they were all having dinner together. Stan’s explanation of right and wrong has ingrained itself in Sarah but at what expense toward her relationship with her father.


Speaking of relationships, Annie is killing me. I truly wish she had listened to Gregg’s concerns more. I feel that she is merely brushing them off because of how things ended between them instead of heeding the advice from someone who clearly knows her best. Instead she is eating up everything Noah has to tell her because she so badly wants to connect with someone. My fear is that she told Noah everything despite audiences not hearing the conversation as the episode ended. I cannot understand her open trust toward him regardless and it leaves me wondering if this season will end with them all going to jail due to Annie.

What did you think of the Good Girls episode One Last Time? Do you think Noah will be able to ultimately turn in Annie? Do you think Beth will be able to stay out of the game? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to watch Good Girls this upcoming Sunday at 10pm EST on NBC.


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