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With all our DC CW shows wrapping their seasons up we are left with a void heroes in our lives. Today we are going to take a closer look at some of my personal favorite comic appearances of the masked heroes that have made their way to the CW. This is not a definitive list, as there are too many comics in the world for me to read them all, these are just a few of my favorites.

We have to start at the beginning of the comic book wave that took over the CW with Oliver Queen himself. The Green Arrow is one of the oldest DC heroes and was created in the shadow of DC’s success with Batman. They wanted to replicate that success without burning everyone out on the caped crusader. The early versions of Green Arrow were so similar to Batman in too many ways to list. As for my favorite Oliver Queen/Green Arrow appearances in comics it is a tie. I feel bad with such a vast comic history both of my favorites come from titles he appeared in rather than starred in. The first being The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, I am not the biggest Miller fan but, no one can doubt the impact he has had on the comic world. The Oliver we see in The Dark Knight Returns is an old battle worn, pipe smoking, one armed, bad ass! When the government ordered all the heroes to hang up their masks Oliver refused, Superman was sent to deal with him. Superman takes his arm to assure that he could no longer shoot a bow and arrow. When things start to publicly go south with Bruce and Clark, Oliver shows up to talk to Bruce. In the end he plays an important role in the defeat of Superman.



The second comes from the New 52 Justice League, Oliver wants to join the league but none of them really seem all that interested in him. Aqua Man seems to down right hate him, while Green Lantern just has no use for not powered people. He makes fun of Batman frequently for being just a guy in a bat costume.


The Flash also has an extensive comic book history, but before Barry Allen there was Jay Garrick. As we have seen recently our ideas of Jay for an entire season of The Flash have not been correct. In The Flash #123 the multiverse was introduced as a concept in the DC universe, Barry meets Jay both as The Flash. This is one of the most iconic single issues of The Flash ever. I read it before season two of The Flash aired on CW so seeing the show recreate that iconic cover during a season with Jay(Hunter) and Barry was really cool, and I am sure long time comic fans loved it.


Another fantastic comic is Flashpoint Paradox, Barry runs back in time and saves his mother, there are major repercussions to that action. Reverse Flash explains that changing that one event sent ripples out in time. The world is a slightly different than what Barry remembers. One difference is that Bruce Wayne is not Batman. Thomas Wayne after the tragic loss of his son becomes Batman. He is much more brutal than his son. When Flash gets back to the proper time he has a letter from Thomas to give to Bruce. It is a beautiful moment, as a Bat fan I have always really enjoyed the moment between the two heroes.

Doc Comics
Doc Comics


When I was growing up I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be Wonder Woman, Catwoman, or Black Canary. As a grown up I am pretty sure I should have picked Black Canary, she is a true power house. One of the best hand to hand fighters in the DC Universe with a set of pipes on her that pretty well everyone should avoid. She is the founding member of the Bird of Pray and she has dealt with Oliver Queen in a romantic sense on and off for decades!  No matter how anyone feels about Oliver/Laurel/Felicity on the show, there are few hero couples with the longevity that Green Arrow and Black Canary have had. Some of my favorite comic moments take place between the two of them, but that is not what I picked. Dinah Lance’s strengths do not rely on her love for Oliver Queen. She is a quick thinker, a caring woman, and a fierce leader. After Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman mess everything up in the world the Justice League votes to replace them as the head of the team. They being the control freaks they are don’t take that well and continue to meet in secret. Black Canary is voted as the chairwoman and does not take kindly to them running the show from a back room. She finds them in a meeting room out of phase, Batman hides very well, and she confronts them. It takes an enormous amount of tenacity to stand up to the trinity but Dinah does without a second thought.


If I did every hero that is on the CW in one post this could on on forever. I could write about these three for the rest of my days, we will take a look at the Ledgends of Tomorrow season one crew in the future!! What are your favorite comic moments of these three Titans of the DC world?



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