DC Planning Reboot of ‘Green Arrow’ Series

Image Copyright DC Comics

The last issue of Green Arrow hit the stands last Wednesday, marking the end of the Rebirth era for the fan-favorite character.  The sudden cancellation of the series came as a surprise to fans as well as the recently-installed creative team, including co-writer Jackson Lanzig who detailed the cancellation in a Twitter thread.  In his thread, Lanzig revealed that he and co-writer Colin Kelly had plans for fifty issues of Green Arrow.

While Green Arrow was a large part of the Rebirth line when it first launched, fans may have noticed that Oliver Queen has been markedly absent from any crossover events, with his solo series being relatively self contained while Heroes in Crisis and Doomsday Clock have continued to connect the larger DC Universe.

In a recent episode of DC Daily, editor Dan DiDio talked a bit about the plan for the Emerald Archer:

The book is still performing well for us, but we decided to end the story there because we wanted Green Arrow to play very intricately in a lot of the stories and events that are about to take place across the DCU.  Every once in a while you need to do a reset. You saw that with Green Lanterns to The Green Lantern with Grant Morrison, so I feel that with Green Arrow we wanted to take a moment to reset and make him part of the bigger DCU again then spin him out.

It’s still early on in the news for any specifics like release date, timeline, or creative team, but this writer would like to suggest to DC, if they are listening, that prolific writer Tom King and artist Mitch Gerads, who collaborated on Miracle Man and Sheriff of Babylon for DC and Vertigo, respectively, be the next creative team.  King is adept at including characters in grand designs while at the same time keeping them grounded and humanizing them.  Greads’ gritty art would seem a perfect fit for a street level character like Oliver Queen.