‘Hidden Through Time’ Review (Xbox One)

Hidden Through Time by Crazy Monkey Studios is a fantastic Hidden Object type game spanning the history of the world. Hours of fun can be had scouring each quirky setting for hidden objects and laughing at the creative and often hilarious citizens of each era.

A game of this type requires no story and thankfully does not attempt to tell one. Your goal is to simply search each animated area using hints to find various items before progressing to the next setting. While on paper it doesn’t sound like Where’s Waldo or Hidden Object type settings would translate to console, Crazy Monkey Studios has done surprisingly well in bringing this genre to the mainstream.

Photo Credit: Crazy Monkey Studios

There are three modes available: Story Mode, Map Editor, and Online.

Story Mode gives you multiple different maps and various items to find. While initial maps are rather small, they grow incredibly large as you progress. Thankfully, you do have the ability to zoom in or out as needed. Each map is lovingly animated, but not in a distracting way. Characters sway and react to being clicked on; while animals, trees, and other objects all behave similarly when interacted with. These slight movements and sound effects help what would otherwise be static images feel alive and helps revitalize the decades-old hidden object search.

Photo Credit: Crazy Monkey Studios

The bottom of the screen shows the items you are required to find and a hint on where to look. If a particular item is eluding your grasp, you can use the D-Pad to switch between items and see other hints. You do not have to find items in any particular order, and you do not need to find every item before progressing. This is particularly helpful in later stages where it can be almost overwhelming to find smaller items and prevents players from becoming stuck.

Clicking on items will register them as found, while clicking on people or animals will normally cause them to react in some way. Clicking on buildings, tents, and other dwellings will show you what’s inside. It is essential to view inside all dwellings as there is almost always one item hidden amongst them.

Photo Credit: Crazy Monkey Studios
Photo Credit: Crazy Monkey Studios

If all this seems rather simple – it is. But that’s the beauty of Hidden Through Time. The levels are diverse and the items are cleverly hidden, sure to keep you engaged for a while. It is also fun to play with others without needing two controllers – players can look for items together while one person uses the controller to select items when found.

After completing story mode players will definitely want to check out the other features. Map Editor allows you to create your own maps complete with hidden items and hints, while online mode allows you to play other user created maps.

Photo Credit: Crazy Monkey Studios

I highly recommend hopping into the online mode as the sheer amount of maps available is impressive. Each user created map is a welcome change from the story mode and really benefits from allowing players to run rampant with their creativity to create some truly stunning maps.

Overall Hidden Through Time is a fantastic package well worth checking out. If you grew up hoarding Hidden Image books like me, you’ll find yourself at once nostalgic and excited to be able to play a modern version of the timeless classic and to create your own maps.

Hidden Through Time is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android, and iOS. Thanks to Crazy Monkey Studios for providing Fan Fest News with a review code.


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