Interview: Rachel Boston on romance, family feuds in new Hallmark Christmas movie

Rachel Boston takes us ‘inn’-side her new Hallmark Christmas movie Check Inn to Christmas.

Rachel Boston stars in a new installment of Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas on Tuesday November 26th. Check Inn to Christmas tells the story of two longtime feuding families, the Crawleys and the Masons, both of whom operate inns in the same Rocky Mountain town.

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Photo: Rachel Boston, Wes Brown Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Michael Larsen

Despite the history of their families trying to outdo one another, Julia Crawley (played by Boston) and Ryan Mason (played by Wes Brown) find sparks flying between them. When a developer comes to town, Julia and Ryan want their families to work together, but not everyone comes so easily on board.

Rachel treated us to a fun Q&A about Check Inn to Christmas, holiday traditions and more!

What can you tell fans about your new Hallmark Christmas movie Check Inn to Christmas?

Rachel: It’s a happy, hopeful Christmas film to kick off the holiday season. I play an attorney from New York City and while home for the holidays, I start to reevaluate what I truly want for my life. There’s romance, there are family traditions. There’s Wes Brown. There’s a lot of Christmas spirit in this movie.

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Photo: Rachel Boston, Wes Brown Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Fred Hayes

Have you worked with Wes before?

Rachel: This is our first time working together, but we met at the TCA’s which is a big press week for television, so we were excited to finally work together!

Is there a hashtag fans can use for tweeting about the movie?

Rachel: Yes! We will be using #CheckInnToChristmas

Which is better? Working on a wedding movie or Christmas movie?

Rachel: I love making romantic comedies. With The Last Bridesmaid, I was involved from the very beginning so there’s something so magical about dreaming up an idea and getting to see it come to life. I’m thankful to make both. Maybe I could make a Christmas wedding movie?

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Do you put your Christmas tree up before or after Thanksgiving?

Rachel: I just got back from New York and loved watching all the trees go up. Rockefeller Center is almost ready and they were decorating the tree at the NY Public Library when I was there. I was going to put my tree up the day after Halloween but a friend stopped me. She said it was way too early and bought me a bunch of pumpkins because it’s still fall.

What is one aspect you enjoy about Check Inn to Christmas that sets it apart from other Christmas movies you have worked on?

Rachel: My 101 year old grandma made her movie debut! She’s such an inspiration. She flew to Utah and we put her in the movie and she’s fantastic. It was absolutely incredible to have her on set.

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Photo: Rachel Boston Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Fred Hayes

Have you developed any new holiday traditions based on films you have been a part of?

Rachel: I baked cookies for all my neighbors a few years ago which was straight out of a Hallmark movie. And I listen to so much Christmas music. I have always loved Christmas music, but now it just starts earlier.

What’s your biggest Christmas wish this year?

Rachel: My grown up Christmas wish — happiness and health. My grandpa always said, “If you have your health, you have everything.”

Many thanks to Rachel Boston for chatting with us about Check Inn to Christmas. Let’s hope the movie’s romance and cozy accommodations can put an end to the family feuding.

Get festive with Check Inn to Christmas on Hallmark Channel Tuesday, November 26th at 8 pm ET/PT. Celebrate with fellow fans on social media using the #CheckInnToChristmas hashtag.

I hope Hallmark with consider that Christmas wedding movie idea for Rachel as well!

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