Is Harold Perrineau The Walking Dead’s Ezekiel?


Season 6 of The Walking Dead has been filming for about a month, and rumors have been swirling about who is on set and who isn’t. The biggest casting rumor of course, is that of Ezekiel, the tiger wielding “King” of The Kingdom, as the comics say.

People have gone as far as guessing that Kevin Hart was a frontrunner to play him.

There were some claims today that Lost and Zero Dark Thirty‘s Harold Perrineau was seen on the set, and although we cannot confirm his casting, it seems like a great option for Ezekiel.

Not only that, but Tuesday morning some people noticed that Perrineau followed Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead creator, on Twitter.

Ezekiel is a described bad ass, and his tiger Shiva, is even more so. Perrineau seems like an amazing fit for this role. he can do dark. He can do kick-butt.

What do you think about this newest speculation?


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