“Is It Worth Free?” – March PlayStation Plus Games

(Photo credit to PlayStation)

Hey PlayStation Nation! This months PlayStation Plus games have been announced, and they are quite a bit different than they have been in years. Sony made the decision that PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games would no longer be a part of the service as of this month, so this was our first look at how they would treat the offering. While I am somewhat disappointed at the lack of a third title for PlayStation 4 or maybe a PSVR title, the quality of the games they have chosen has to be commended.

Let’s take a look at them below and ask that important question, “Is it worth free?”

  • Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered (PS4)

This is where it all started. Call of Duty 4 is one of those once in a generation games, and while the Call of Duty games where good, this was where online gaming on the then next-gen consoles really took off and Call of Duty became a yearly juggernaut. The campaign is one of the most memorable in the Call of Duty franchise, especially with missions like the famous “All Ghillied Out”. The multiplayer was a fantastic building block for what was to come, introducing fans to a future of lost nights and tired mornings. It is worth every penny of the $40 it costs now, so at free you are stealing it.

Is It Worth Free? – You bet your sweet bippy

Metacritic score –

  • The Witness (PS4)

I am pretty sure I have the rundown on this when they gave it away on Xbox One’s Games With Gold, but I will do it again. The Witness is a phenomenal puzzle experience. Created by legendary designer Jonathan Blow, the game relies on you making observations in order to solve the 600+ puzzles as you trek through different regions of an island. This one came out some time ago as a PlayStation 4 timed exclusive and I have yet to play it, so I am excited for this opportunity.

Is It Worth Free? – If you like puzzle games, no doubt! If not, try it anyway!

Metacritic score –

Are you excited for any of these titles? Are you disappointed in the removal of PS3 and Vita games? Tell us about it in the comments below!