‘iZombie’ Review: ‘Goon Struck’

Liv takes on hockey player brain on this week’s iZombie as they investigate the mysterious death of three zombies and a human.

All the while, things are getting more problematic for Fillmore-Graves and Chase is forced to make some tough decisions that lead to a bleaker place than I’ve seen on this show in a while.

Liv on hockey brain provided quite a bit of fun throughout the hour. Liv really grew into this Canadian hockey player brain during the investigation, much to Clive and Ravi’s delight. It was fun seeing how excited the pair were to have their friend on this brain.

Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW

That excitement is highlighted when Clive is asked by a random parent at the rink “which one is [his]” and he proudly points to Liv on the rink and simply says “the little blonde one.” Clive calling Ravi down to the rink when Liv decided the best way to get the information out of the victim’s teammates was to get out on the ice with them was hilarious.

While the “goon brain” initially provided that bit of humor, things took a turn (as they tend to do on this show) and grounded that comedy with a hefty dose of what the reality of living in New Seattle is. The connection the murder had to Blaine escalates things and provides the team with a bit of hope that gets quickly dashed because the system is growing flawed and not just on the criminal justice side but as some sort of governing body (if Fillmore-Graves can be called that).

Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW

Instances of how flawed the system is run throughout the episode, from Peyton’s attempt at working through issues with a zombie bus driver and discovering that there are shortages to the already diluted brains they are receiving to the simple fact that Blaine goes free because zombie crimes are under Fillmore-Graves jurisdiction.

But with the favor he did for Chase and the fact that F-G’s inspector blamed Dead Enders for the death, Blaine just goes free which is frustrating. The injustice doesn’t stop there after some of the advisors surrounding Chase push him to believe the only way to set things straight in New Seattle is to make an example of Renegade.

Chase spends part of the hour struggling with it, and even when he decides to go through with the guillotine, you can see hints of reluctance about how well thought out this is. He still does it though, and at that moment lines are firmly drawn, and sides are starting to be picked if Major’s choice of ignoring Liv and Liv’s decision to pick up where Renegade left off is any indication.

Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW

iZombie has never avoided the realities of this fiction they’ve created but aspects of what’s happening with this slow breakdown are the first instance of bleakness that feels very grounded, and I continue to look forward while also dread at what’s ahead for our favorite humans and zombies in New Seattle.

That’s it for this episode. What did you think of the episode? Thoughts on what happened during that last scene? Will the division grow?