Lauren Cohan’s Horror Film ‘The Boy’ Now Streaming on Netflix

Photo: David Bukach © 2015 STX Productions

Maggie Greene Rhee is basically synonymous with Lauren Cohan these days. The actress has been playing the badass Hilltop leader on The Walking Dead since 2010, and while we adore her so much (and are devastated to see her leave) there are so many other projects that Cohan shines in and deserve your attention. One of which is her 2016 horror film The Boy, and if you haven’t seen it yet today’s your lucky day because the movie is now available to stream on Netflix!

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What’s great about Cohan’s role in The Boy is it’s somewhat on brand genre-wise for Walking Dead fans. The suspenseful movie follows Cohan as an American nanny named Greta Evans who finds herself looking after a life-sized doll made to look like the dead son of an affluent English family. Sure, the plot is a bit out there but it’s a frightening ride that’s chock full of all of your favorite horror tropes, and Cohan takes the material in stride with an amazingly grounded performance.

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“This is like this invisible threat. That’s what creeps me out about this film. It’s not like she can fight it physically. I mean she, for reasons we find out, decides she’s going to persevere in the house and it’s that ridiculous thing where you’re in a house by yourself and you don’t know if you have an overactive imagination or you’re being silly or there’s something actually going on,” Cohan told EW back in 2016.

The Boy was written by Stacey Menear and directed by William Brent Bell. It opened in theaters on January 22, 2016, and grossed over $35 million at the US box office. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Netflix now to stream it!