‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Preview ‘The Getaway’

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

Legends of Tomorrow Preview ‘The Getaway’

The Legends are going to have their hands full when the Waverider is taken over by Hank. This leaves them stranded in 1973. Sara will likely be in a bad mood following the break-up with Ava, so the Bureau taking her ship, forcing her to drive an RV, will only make matters worse. I wonder how involved Ava will be in Hank’s decision to take the Waverider and leave them in the past, or if she knows at all.

Mona is now an unofficial memeber of the Legends since their jounrey involving Konane last week. At the end of the episode, Mona went full beast mode in order to kill the agent who shot Konane. Mick saw this happen, but I don’t know how quickly the rest of the Legends will find out the truth about their new friend. If the trailer is any indication, she is not acclimating well to being a part of the team.

The trailer also featured some shots of Nora Darhk, who is locked in a prison at the Bureau. She looked to be using her powers against the cell’s restraining walls. Perhaps she will be the next to fall under Hank’s radar and bad things are about to happen to her. All I know is that I can’t wait for her to join up with the Legends. Her serious nature is a great catalyst to the team.