‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Egg MacGuffin’

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Egg MacGuffin’

The Legends are walking down easy street now that they believe Neron to be dead. Unfortunately, the demon found another host during the showdown last week, possessing Ray. At first, Ray doesn’t know that Neron is inside of him, but the demon slowly makes his play. Neron is trying to get Ray to kill someone he loves, thereby opening Ray up to full possession. Ray fights off the urge to murder, then enlists Gary’s help in figuring out how to banish Neron since Constantine is busy trying to draw Nora out of her coma. As time passes, Neron grows stronger, eventually forcing Ray to make a difficult decision. Ray is about to kill Nate when he pulls himself out of the possession. He tells Neron that he will give himself over willingly if that allows Nate to go free. Neron agrees, sparing Nate’s life.

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When Constantine appears on the scene to save Ray, he begs Gary for help, but the lackey has had enough. Gary is constantly dumped on and used and is tired of it. He is being seduced to the dark side by Neron, with the demon winning because he returned Gary’s nipple to him (even though the thing is possessed, and really gross). Constantine begs Gary to stop, but he’s done with them. Gary forms a partnership with Neron. The two take a time stone and escape the Waverider.

While all of this is going on, Zari, Sara, and Ava clean up a mess at the adventure’s society involving a golden egg. Zari and Nate were originally assigned the mission by Sara, who was trying to force the two of them together. It was partially working, but then the Nazis showed up to steal the egg. Sara and Ava show up to save the day, and that’s when Nate returns to the Waverider and has his showdown with Ray. With the egg safely in the Legends possession, it’s when Zari finally admits her feelings to Nate that the egg starts to wiggle and crack. They unknowingly brought a dragon egg onboard. Great.

We’re three episodes from the season finale and things are starting to ramp up. Ray is now fully under Neron’s control, and the demon isn’t going to fall for the same trick twice. It’s going to be hard to exorcise Neron without hurting Ray. They do have a trump card though, and that’s Nora. She recovered from her encounter thanks to Constantine and at the end of the episode was made an agent by Ava. She knows that they don’t stand a chance and trusts the former baddie. I wasn’t expecting Nora to join the Bureau, but I’m excited that she has. I love that we get to see an evil version of Ray. Brandon Routh has done a fantastic job in the role and it will be fun to see him do something a little different.

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Next episode is entitled ‘Nip/Tuck.’

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