‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Guest Starring John Noble’

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Guest Starring John Noble’

The Legends have to be in two places at once when they realize Amaya has gone to stop Zambesi from being destroyed and Rip calls on them to save Barack Obama from Gorilla Grodd. Nate and Wally head out to stop Amaya, while Sara and Ray take on Grodd. While all of this is happening, Mallus is at the point of being free. Damien watches as his daughter turns into the demon, but then she suddenly stops. Grodd failed, thanks to Ray’s shrink ray. Damien tells Mallus that he’s going to go and set things right, knowing full well that if he does, Nora will be lost forever.

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Damien appears aboard the Waverider and calls for a truce. As a peace offering, he gives up the Water Totem. He tells Sara that they want the same thing. Mallus is going to kill his little girl and he never really grasped what was going to happen while he tried to create his perfect world. Sara turns him down, wanting to kill Damien on the spot. Ava and Rip suggest transporting Damien to the Bureau instead. After a quick conversation with Barack, Sara decides to turn down Rip and Ava’s suggestion and make a deal with Damien. With his help, they’ll stop Mallus. Their plan involves Ray flying into Nora’s ear, and, pretending to be Mallus, get her aboard the Waverider. They achieve this by getting voice recordings of John Noble, who is busy in New Zealand filming Lord of the Rings. When Nora appears on the Waverider, they trap her in a magic circle.

Amaya is set upon saving Zambesi and Sara makes the decision to let it happen. Now that they’re in possession of all the totems, they can stop Mallus for good. The reason the totem bearers failed last time was because the Death Totem betrayed the others. Sara says that’s not going to happen as she will wield the totem again. However, Damien steps in, saying he’ll do it. He will stop at nothing to save his little girl. Sara agrees. That leaves the Earth and Water Totems, which go to Nate and Ray. Sara asks Ava for help from the Bureau, but she denies Sara’s request. Now that her whole existence has been shaken, the only thing she can cling to are the rules. Not only is she a clone, she learned from Rip that she is the 12th Ava to be a part of the Time Bureau. Rip tells Ava that he is going to stay behind because the Legends are their best bet to stopping Mallus. Ava accepts that as his resignation. Sara tries to talk Ava down, saying that she loves her, but Ava is too broken. She leaves the Waverider.

The Legends take Mallus down to Zambesi where they plan to defeat him once the village is saved. Things are going according to plan and the warlords are defeated, but Mallus hasn’t been released. That’s when they hear the unmistakable roar of Gorilla Grodd. Damien let him go free, saying that he can’t lose Nora. The Legends try to fight back, but Damien is too powerful. He releases Nora, telling her to run and he will figure out a way to get her back. Sara stabs him in the back and takes the Death Totem. While that’s happening, Nate and Esi, Amaya’s daughter, stop Grodd’s rampage. Because they did that, Zambesi has been saved, which means Mallus’ cage has been broken. The demon is reborn.

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This episode had some really emotional moments as Ava learned the truth from Rip, Sara and Damien’s heart-to-heart, and Nate learning that the only way Amaya would ever be able to return to her own time would be to erase her memories. Damien’s betrayal didn’t come as that big of a surprise, but it was still a shame to see him turn his back on the Legends. For a moment, I was thinking he would use the Death Totem to strike a deal with Mallus. He would allow the demon to have his body if it meant saving Nora. I still think that Damien will end up sacrificing himself in the finale, just not sure how. Mallus has been freed and the Legends stand a bit of a chance because they have all the totems, but Ray still hasn’t been able to use the Water Totem. All in all, I’m really interested to see how the season is going to wrap up.

Next week’s episode is the Season 3 finale and is entitled ‘The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly.’