‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season Finale Recap ‘Hey, World!’

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

Legends of Tomorrow Season Finale Recap ‘Hey, World!’

Neron and Tabitha begin the final stage of their plan, which involves scaring humanity so bad that they can open a portal to Hell and literally make it Hell on Earth. Charlie was captured when breaking the other magical creatures out of the Time Bureau, and the two demons force her to take the form of a Senator. While giving a speech, Charlie is made to turn into Tagumo. The amount of fear felt by the world is then channeled into Tabitha and her staff.

To counteract this, the Legends come up with the plan to counteract that fear with acceptance. They will move forward with the theme park Hank started and prove that magical creatures aren’t bad. In order to do this, Nate uses the magical book from episode 05 to dream it to life. Then, Sara, Nate, and Gary pose as Supergirl, Arrow, and Flash to invite people to their theme park. They promise superheroes and fun. Meanwhile, Constantine continues his search for Ray’s soul in the underworld, now accompanied by Nora. With some help from Astra, they track him down and find him playing Jenga with Vandal Savage (which was hilarious). That completes Gary’s two wishes and Nora is able to use her magic to get them all out of there. Unfortunately, Ray doesn’t have a body so in the real world, his soul takes the form of a coin. The Legends will have to draw Neron out of Ray’s body in order to restore their friend.

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

The theme park opens and it is surprisingly crowded. Sara, Nate, and Gary host a show in the big tent that will highlight the special abilities of each of the magical creatures. Ava is busy filming the show while Zari hacks systems in order to broadcast it to the world. The Legends have hit a little snag in making this plan successful. If magical creatures are viewed in a good light, as time goes own there’s a general sense of understanding for metahumas. That means that Zari will have a completely different life. Zari must stay on the Waverider in the temporal zone or risk being erased as the future changes. Anyway, the show begins and things are going okay, but that’s when Tabitha crashes the party. She unleashes Zari and Nate’s dragon on the people. The dragon is about to kill Sara when young Zari, who was in attendance, steps between them, taming the dragon. Then, the dragon eats Tabitha.

Enraged, Neron opens the portal to the underworld. That’s when Constantine appears. The two fight, but the demon is too powerful. He kills Constantine. Or did he? There was a loophole in the agreement binding Ray and Neron. As long as Nate was spared, Ray would willingly give himself over to the demon. Well, Constantine and Nate pulled a switcheroo. Neron unknowingly killed Nate. The demon is forced from Ray’s body and Constantine is able to defeat his nemesis. Zari, watching this unfold from the Waverider, can’t just stand by and watch. She rushes to his side. Nate as a spirit watches the scene unfold below. His father is beside him and tells him how much he loves him. Hank then posses Mick and starts singing. Constantine realizes that some spirit is trying to guide them and Zari takes up the song. Then, everyone in attendance is singing, using the power of love in order to power Tabitha’s staff and bring Nate back to life. It works.

But then the timeline corrects itself. Zari disappears and is replaced with a man wearing her totem. It’s her brother. Nate realizes that something doesn’t feel right, but he can’t really put his finger on it. The Legends have succeeded and saved the world once again. They head off to celebrate. It will be short-lived as Astra has plans of her own in the underworld. She has amassed quite a collection of souls and plans to give them a second chance. These people are the worst of the worst (for example Genghis Khan and Ted Bundy). The Legends will have their hands full next season as she unleashes her own brand of revenge against Constantine. On top of that, Monitor was also in attendence at the show. He was definitely in shock at the ridiculousness of the Legends, but then even enjoyed it a bit while eating some popcorn. I’m definitely interested to see how they’re going to fit into the Crisis he is bringing.

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW


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