‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Tender is the Nate’

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Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Tender is the Nate’

Hank is looking into the Time Bureau’s budget and wants to know why the Legends are costing them so much money. Nate suggests they go aboard the Waverider, maybe participate in a mission, so he can see what it is the team is all about. The Legends scramble to make things presentable for Hank (and hide Charlie from Nate). Unfortunately, Nate sees Charlie and thinks she’s Amaya. He hugs her, to which he gets a slap. Sara asks Charlie to play along as Amaya because they don’t want Hank to know they are sheltering a Fugitive. Thankfully, the system alerts them to the presence of magic in France in the 20s, so Sara can quickly get Hank and Nate off the ship. The Fugitive of the week is a Minotaur, which the team of Sara, Mick, Nate, and Hank track down to the sewers with the help of Ernest Hemingway. After their first encounter, which ends badly, Hank admits that what the Legends do is harder than expected. When they return to the field to subdue the Fugitive once and for all, Hank doesn’t agree with their plan to use music. He thinks they need to be more aggressive. Sara tells him that they will do it their way, and if they fail, the Legends will disband.

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When the Minotaur attacks a club in Paris, the Legends are ready. Constantine tries to woo it with the smell of a potential mate (which according to Nate smells terrible) while Nate plays a lute to soothe it in a trance. Hemingway has other things in mind as he wants to be the one to claim the prize. Sara tries to stop him from firing his gun, but it goes off, breaking the trance. The Minotaur attacks. That’s when Hank steps up and sings the Minotaur a song. Eventually, it falls asleep and the crisis is averted. Hank tells Nate that he is proud of him and the work he has done as a Legend. He now understands what they do. Before Nate leaves the Waverider, Sara says that he is always welcome to come back to the team. Nate replies that it still hurts a bit, but he has also found a new place at the Time Bureau. They need him there for the time being.

While all of that is happening, Mona is starting her first day at the Time Bureau as the Fugitive’s keeper. She has so many ideas to make the mythical beings comfortable, but Ava reminds her that they are prisoners. They are being detained, not on vacation. Ava then introduces her to the most dangerous of their prisoners: Nora. Ray turns up at the Time Bureau after he’s benched by Sara, wanting to see Nora, but Ava turns him away. Mona hears the reason he’s here and tells him to write a love letter. She will make sure it gets delivered. Mona takes the letter, but Nora refuses to open it. She doesn’t have a future to look forward to, so there’s no point in reading it. Ava shows up and gets mad that Mona is giving things to her prisoner. She sees the note and is about to open and read it when Nora panics, sending out a wave of magic that locks them inside the detainment cell. Mona is excited for the time to bond, though Nora and Ava are less than thrilled.

Ava is angry with Mona for trying to socialize and be nice to the Fugitives, and when they get out, Mona is probably fired. She reveals that she’ll just move to her back-up plan: Law school. Her parents really want her to pursue a career in law, but Mona doesn’t want that. Ava believes Mona should listen to her parents, while Nora thinks she should stick it to her parents and do whatever she wants. The two get into an argument based off of their own life experiences (one has false parents and no real past, the other had a terrible parent and was raised by a cult). Mona tells the two that they need to really look at where they are now. Their experiences shaped them into two incredible women and Mona is envious of them. Ava and Nora start to relax a bit and the three have a nice bonding moment as they eat cake and drink booze for Ava’s birthday. Ava tells Nora she should open the letter from Ray, and when she does, Ray is actually trapped in side. After that, Ava is a bit lax about the Fugitives. She allows Mona to treat better than common prisoners. Nora decides to write Ray a love letter in response, and Ava tells Mona she needs to deliver it.

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This episode was incredibly ridiculous in a lot of moments, but was also filled with a lot of heart. The characters are what make this show what it is and it’s always fun to see another side of them and experience depth. I’m glad that Nora is back this season and can’t wait to see more of her redemption. Mona is a fun character and the hi-jinks once she gets on the Waverider are going to be ridiculous. She’s also in for quite the shock though, as she still believes in the amazement of magic and stories.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Hell No, Dolly.’