‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe’

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Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe’

Neron is moving on to the next stage of his plan, and it involves using Ava as a new host. Sara and Constantine track down Ava, who has been trapped inside her own version of purgatory in order to prepare her to receive the demon. Without missing a beat, Sara demands Constantine send her into purgatory after Ava. Constantine warns against this, but Sara has survived death, losing her soul, and possession. What’s so bad about Ava’s purgatory? Well, just about everything as Sara ends up in an IKEA-style store where she and Ava have to work through their deepest fears with each other.

On the outside, Constantine teams up with Charlie, Ray, and Nora to bring down Neron. Charlie assumes the form of Ava, forcing Neron into a trap. Constantine and Nora subdue the demon and drag him back to the Waverider. Everyone’s emotions are running high with him onboard. Neron has a plan, however. He learns that Sara is trying to save Ava, but he says that’s okay because he can always find another vessel. When Nora tapped into Neron’s power, she opened a mental pathway between the two of them. Constantine believes that Nora is a liability and should be locked away, but Ray defends her. Nora has been through so much, and yet is here helping them now. She’s changed and he will continue to believe in her.

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In purgatory, Sara and Ava talk through their relationship, starting with the fight a few weeks ago. Ava clarifies that she doesn’t think that torturing the magical creatures is okay. She felt backed into a corner because Sara wouldn’t listen to her, take her side, or think about the position she was being put into. Sara tells her that she will always have Ava’s back, even if they’re in disagreement. After talking about the future, and Ava being afraid that Sara doesn’t want to get old together, they end up separated, Sara in a giant warehouse of Ava dolls. The store is closing and if it does, it signals the arrival of a new demon by the name of Tabitha. Sara is searching and searching for Ava, but she’s not there. Gary shows up as an employee and tells Sara she can have any Ava she wants, to which Sara responds that she doesn’t want just any Ava. Sara gets out of the warehouse, finds the woman she loves and tells her that she doesn’t want anyone else. She just wants her. They escape purgatory.

On the Waverider, Nora confronts Neron alone. He tells her that he was looking for a vessel for Tabitha, not for himself. He also says that he understands how powerful Nora truly is and how much Constantine has failed her in the past. Nora seems to be giving in to the demon’s ruse, but she and Constantine have their own trick up their sleeve. They trick Neron into leaving Desmond’s body, then trap the demon out in the open. Unfortunately, Ray fears that Neron is trying to take over Nora and interferes. This causes Neron to almost escape before Nora lets loose and seemingly kills him. Thinking they’ve won, the team relaxes a little bit, but things are about to get a whole lot worse. Unbeknownst to the Legends, Neron has found a new vessel: Ray.

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

This was such a great episode. I love Nora and I’m so glad that she stuck around after last season and is getting to grow. The whole time she was talking to Neron, I was really hoping that it was all a trick. Nora did love her father, but Neron promising to bring him back and Nora being happy about it seemed wrong to me. Damien used her, but I guess he made amends by taking Mallus from her. Also, thank goodness Sara Lance came back from the dead all those years ago. I stand by my thought that she is the most well-written character in all of the Arrowverse. I have loved her growth over the seasons and just want her to be happy, considering everything that she’s had to endure. Good job, Legends of Tomorrow writers. You delivered a really fantastic episode last night.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Egg MacGuffin.’


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