Lupita Nyong’o Shares ‘Undercover’ Video from San Diego Comic Con


While the trailers, sneak peeks, panels, and experiences at San Diego Comic Con are some of the most incredible parts of the weekend; we have to admit that seeing our favorite celebrities adds to the already amazing experience. Fans line up for hours waiting to see their favorites at panels and autograph tables and if they’re lucky, they may run into them on the convention floor.

In fact, this happens more often than many fans imagine as they walk around in the midst of pop culture fans and extremely talented cosplayers. What does that have to do with celebrities? Well, not only are they massive fans of pop culture too, they take part in cosplay that is not only mind blowing, but disguises them so they can experience the con through the eyes of a superfan.

One of those celebrities at this years SDCC was Luipta Nyong’o and her cosplay was everything we ever needed.

Lupita was an energetic and totally pastel Pink Ranger as she danced around the con where fans Tweeted their surprise and some even said they’d spoken to her over the weekend. Were you at SDCC this year? If so, did you see this gorgeous Pink Ranger?