‘Marvel’ CCO talks why Jon Bernthal is the perfect Frank Castle

Image: Netflix

When Season 2 of the Netflix original series Dare Devil made its debut this past year, fans got their first look at Jon Bernthal in his role as Frank Castle aka The Punisher.

In a recent interview with Comicbook.com, Marvel chief creative officer Joe Quesada stated that Bernthal’s version of the Punisher is special because of how the actor makes the role his own.

“It’s his own. He brings the intensity, but there is another side to Frank here,” Quesada says. “There is a tenderness to Frank. There is a fragility to Frank that you’ll see in this show that is part of that package. It’s part of what makes this something really, really special.”

After a botched police operation intended to bring in the weapons dealer known as Blacksmith cost Castle his family, Castle has been an anti-hero of sorts seeking out criminals in New York City and ‘punishing them’ for their crimes wherever he can find them.

Production for the solo The Punisher series finished their production on April 2017. The series is expected to debut on Netflix later on this year, shortly after The Defenders releases in August.