Marvel-ous Monday: Three Predictions for ‘Spider-Man: Far from Home’


The countdown is real. Spider-Man: Far from Home will release in one week, and we will hopefully get some closure as the uber emotional Phase 3 comes to an end.  This movie is checking off all of the right boxes when it comes to another Marvel blockbuster, and I would imagine, based on pre-sale ticket statistics and trailer views, the latest installment of Spider-Man will set some box office records.  Hey, isn’t that what we should expect from Marvel these days?  I’m sure the film will be fantastic, but, as with any other MCU entry, plot details and character growth suggestions are rather sparse.  Jon Watts and company will hope to repeat the magic Spider-Man: Homecoming brought to the screen while building upon the monumental credibility of the last two Avengers films.  Therefore, I have put together a brief list of predictions that would surely excite fans and solidify Far from Home as one of the MCU’s best films.


First, I think Robert Downey, Jr. will make some form of cameo in Far from Home.  This is my safest prediction of the three, and with the unwavering support Tony Stark received at the end of Endgame, it would be a missed opportunity if Iron Man doesn’t interact with his pupil in some fashion in the first post-Endgame film.  The trailers definitely show Peter Parker missing his mentor, and the scene where Peter appears to see something extraordinary through Tony’s iconic glasses makes me believe something iconic will happen.  I’ve written numerous articles regarding Tony Starks’s future presence in the MCU, and I still stand by the theory that he will take an A.I. form to guide Peter in his new leadership position within the reformed Avengers Initiative.


Second, I think we will meet another member of the Sinister Six at some point in time throughout the film, but such introduction will likely happen in the post-credit scene.  Thus far, Vulture and Mysterio are the only Original members featured on screen, but the Shocker and Scorpion have been featured in variations of the group.  Both the Shocker and Scorpion were introduced in Homecoming, so if the creative wants to include them in the MCU version of the Sinister Six, we still have two members to meet.  Ideally, Kraven the Hunter and Doctor Octopus would fill those posts; however, the MCU will likely want to make its own group unique to the films.  I would really like to see Kraven since his character has yet to make an appearance in any of the live-action Spider-Man films, and maybe the other position will be taken by a character like the Hobgoblin or Sandman.  The trailers show a Sandman-like creature, but such character is likely a Mysterio-illusion of an Elemental.  Regardless, I would hope that the Sinister Six is completed at the end of Far from Home.

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Lastly, while speaking of new character introductions, I think we’ll get one of the newly acquired Fox characters to usher in Phase Four. Ideally, we will get a group (Fantastic Four cough cough) mentioned in Far from Home, but I would take a singular character to make a cameo.  One of Peter Parkers first moves as Spider-Man in the comics is to join the Fantastic Four, but he fails to impress Mister Fantastic and crew. Now, this newly acquired character doesn’t have to be a hero, and seeing the likes of Doctor Doom would floor any audience.  Remember, there are so many different possibilities for a future baddie to fill the shoes of Thanos, and I believe we will get a hint of this next threat as Phase 3 closes.  Phase 4 will not begin for some time, close to a year if not more, so the Marvel creative has to leave the fans with something to talk about before its 2020 films hit theaters.

Yes, these predictions are somewhat safe, but, to be perfectly honest, I really don’t know what to expect from Far from Home.  It could go in so many directions, and I am sure there will be surprises for every fan along the way.  I really don’t expect a major death or anything like that, but seeing Nick Fury’s demise to close Phase 3 is a true possibility.  Regardless, I am beyond excited to see the film, and I would love to hear some of your predictions in the comment section or on this social media link.


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