Marvel Takes Thanos in Suprising Direction


There is a new conflict featured in Infinity Wars which centers around the infinity stones. The infinity stones are all currently located on Earth and as is it expected, Thanos was cut out to play a major role in this storyline. We all know the History of Thanos and the infinity stones, and his role in Avengers: Infinity War movie. Even while he plays a major role where this issue is concerned, Thanos still does not make it out alive.

We see the Mad Titan calling upon his Chitauri army to reclaim the Infinity stones once again. He is then stabbed from behind by a robed figure we now know as Requiem as he prepares for war. This leaves readers wondering who Requiem really is, even though Thanos immediately recognizes Requiem and her infamous blade. Thanos dies by the blade of Requiem, but this is not before he thinks about his long and terrible life and the Death he faces.



Requiem significantly destroys the Chitauri army of Thanos along with the Mad Titan’s corpse, including the gauntlet. She simply crushes it with her shoe.

The surprising twist makes it clear that the Infinity Wars story lines will not be the same as those that have passed. We still do not know whether Requiem is or isn’t an enemy to our heroes and Earth, but she is obviously one of the powerful ones because she was able to defeat and kill the Mad Titan who wiped out 50% of Earth’s population.

It was also unexpected for Marvel to kill Thanos, one of the now most popular villains out there, thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Are you surprised by Thanos’ fate in the comics?