McFarlane Toys Announces Next Set Of DC figures

McFarlane Toys showed off a bunch of awesome looking DC figures coming out in the next wave of figures. A lot of them are Batman centric, but… what do you expect? Batman sells like hot cakes. You can make a fortune off of anything, provided you put Batman on it. As nice as it would be to see other characters get the spotlight, there’s no denying these Batman figures are excellent.

The wave is going to focus primarily on Dark Knights Metal and the Arkham Knight video game.

Batman and Deathstroke will be arriving in stores this fall. They both look as awesome as they did in Arkham Knight, with their suits intricately sculpted. This Batman also sports double-elbow joints so you can make him do pretty much whatever you want.

CR: McFarlane Toys

The Dark Knights Metal wave promises to be a bit meatier. Some figures will include pieces that, when combined, allow you to built another figure. If you collect Robing from Earth -22, infected Superman and the Batman Who Laughs with Tyrant Wings you can build the Merciless. The press release mentioned something about Robin having three heads. It sounds like you’ll need to buy multiple figures to build all the different Robins.

CR: McFarlane Toys

A couple of multi-packs were also announced. These will include the Flash and Batman: The Red Death. The second will feature Nightwing and the Red Hood.

CR: McFarlane Toys

Finally, we also have a Flashpoint Batman on the way. For those who don’t keep up with comic books, Flashpoint Batman is an alternate world’s Batman. In this universe it was Bruce who was shot in the alley. His mother became the Joker and his father became a more brutal version of Batman.

CR: McFarlane Toys

There were a few more announced, such as Rebirth: Cyborg and rebirth versions of the Flash, Joker and Azreal. No pictures have been provided at the time of this article. These DC figures are definitely something collector’s can look forward to.

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