Netflix and ‘Young Justice’


Young Justice is an animated series that follows the adventures of young DC Comics’ heroes that form a team and set out on proving that they are more than side kicks, it aired on Cartoon Network from 2010-2013. The show was canceled after just two seasons due in part to the lack of merchandise sales, even though it had great viewing numbers and was critically acclaimed. In 2014 Netflix added season one to their streaming service. Since then they have received a high demand for season two, and at the beginning of February the fans wish was granted. Fans are greedy though we expect three wishes! The next wish seems to be a revival of the beloved show. The third wish, the big one everyone was saving for last is… for Netflix not Cartoon Network to pick the show back up for its third season.

Since Netflix added season two the shows producers, Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti along with the fans have been very active on social media using#KeepBingingYJ. So the question on any Young Justice fan’s mind is: So is this really happening? The answer at this point is Netflix has not officially announced anything. The always humorous although slightly vague responses to fans from Netflix customer service representatives indicate that this isn’t a false movement, and appears to be something they are seriously considering. This along with the massive fan support, and the backing of the shows creators and voice actors are leading people to speculate that the odds are good! Christopher Jones an artist that worked on the Young Justice tie-in comic, said in a blog post that the most important thing fans can do to make this happen is to just keep streaming the show on Netflix.



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