Whatever it takes. New ‘Avengers: Endgame’ trailer give us a first look at new costumes and new team-ups.

Image via Marvel Studios.

Flying high off of the release of Captain Marvel this weekend, the Marvel Studio gods have just blessed us with a new Avengers: Endgame trailer, and be prepared to feel some feelings.

There is so much to unpack in what is a stunning trailer, focusing heavily on the original Avengers team. The trailer starts where it all began, with Tony Stark reminiscing on his journey from fighting his way out of the desert to being lost in space, over the top of older footage reedited to black and white, with just the hints of Marvel red throughout. He’s hoping for just one more surprise, but we’re yet to see any footage of him beyond his lonely space ship. Later on in the trailer we do see footage of Nebula fighting, which again raises questions of how these two may become split up from each other following the ending of Infinity War.

Marvel Studios

The trailer then moves on to dearly departed Agent Carter whilst we see footage of the changes to Captain America and Hawkeye, busy bonding with his daughter before flashing to his Ronin persona, again giving us strong hints that Clint may have lost his entire family in the snap.

Marvel Studios

Peggy reminds Steve, and us all, that sometimes the best we can do is to start over, but in new footage Steve talks to a red headed (hooray!) Black Widow about their inability to move on.

The trailer also gives us a newer look at Scott Lang as Ant-Man and how he ends up at the Avengers door, as it appears he manages to escape the quantum realm without any knowledge of the snap.

Marvel Studios

There’s new team ups as Rocket looks to join forces with Warhammer and we get to see what’s left of the Avenger Initiative in their new uniforms as previously seen in the action figures released ahead of the film and damn, they look good. But look who else looks good, hiding there next to Natasha. Tony Stark is alive and well and on Earth, reunited with the Avengers in what looks like the biggest spoiler within the trailer, and one you’re likely to blink and miss. Whatever it takes just might work.

Marvel Studios

And just in case that wasn’t enough, we get our first look at Captain Marvel’s role in the new team as she interacts with Thor and his mighty hammer.

Have a look at the trailer in full below.



I’m only left with one more question – where is Goose?


What do you think of the trailer, what are you must looking forward to seeing, and how much longer do we have to wait?