Breaking Down the New ‘Captain Marvel’ Spot and Posters

Marvel Studios

With ticket sales starting yesterday and fans being treated to the latest exclusive look during the CFB National Championship, it is safe to say the Captain Marvel hype is in full swing.

(If you haven’t watched the trailer, here are some highlights I picked out.)

The trailer really doesn’t offer any jaw-dropping moments, and I am perfectly fine with that.  The last thing I want is to have some big movie moment spoiled in a T.V. spot, but it does introduce some key concepts for fans.  As with any origin story, there will be moments of confusion for those unfamiliar with the franchise, so hammering out some details in trailer spots is key to make for a more impactful film experience come March.  For example, the term “Skrull”is referenced and the race’s powers are briefly shown on-screen; thus, the antagonist is concretely set for the film. Aside from the Nick Fury, another present day Marvel tie-in is shown with fan-favorite Agent Phil Coulson making a reference to finding “others,” which brings the Avengers Initiative full circle.  Lastly, I enjoyed the training sequence with Mar-vell, as his character does often take on the mentor role at various points in Carol’s journey to becoming Captain Marvel. The S.H.I.E.L.D. reference at the end is a bit much for me considering the MCU timelines, but it was funny nonetheless.

Along with the new spot, Marvel Studios also released some new posters for the different cinema experiences offered for the film.  In particular, the IMAX poster stands out for one obvious reason: her binary form.  There is much skepticism when it comes to which powers Carol Danvers will have in the MCU, but this poster, as well as some sequences in the trailers, further alludes to her ability to tap into her binary.  As Binary, Carol can control virtually every type of energy, especially the energy of a white hole. What makes this form a bit confusing for the film is that she was given these binary powers from another alien race called the Brood.  Being that the film is thought to focus on the Kree-Skrull conflict and the Brood story line often ties in with her X-Men relations, I am interested to see how the MCU will rewrite her story.