New ‘Deadpool 2’ Green Band Trailer Adds Another Joke

Hello, you beautiful people, it’s one Deadpooltastic day! With the new international poster they released, 20th Century Fox/Marvel also have a brand new green band trailer for you.

This green band trailer delivered you a short recap of the first movie and cleaned up the violence and language. The joke that got switched around is at the very end of this trailer. Instead of joking about the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants our favorite Merc with a Mouth has a solid opinion about man-buns.

With all the rumors about the second test screening being near to perfect reviews, and with all the extra material this movie seems to have, we are up for a perfect follow-up of the first Deadpool movie.

Which joke do you think will make the movie? Or do you think it’s going to be something entirely different, in a very Deadpool way? Let us know in the comments below.

Deadpool 2 will hit theaters on May 17!