New Promo for ‘The Punisher’ Promises that Vengeance will be Reaped


Fans of The Punisher are anxiously awaiting the premiere of the series on Netflix on November 17th. The promo, while vague, has been incredible and we have to admit that our interest is more peaked about this series than anything we’ve seen in a long time.

So today, when we saw a new post on The Punisher’s Twitter account, we tuned in right away. While it’s less than 30 seconds of a clip, it’s an impactful one.

The video starts with a sweet memory of Frank and his son as he taught him to play guitar. The video didn’t focus closely on their faces, instead, allowing fans to see the memory as Frank did. The moments where he is with his song are lighter and free, they’re full of life.

Within moments, you see the mood of the video switch, suddenly, the light is dimmed and Frank is alone, but not for long.

Within seconds, a murder’s body is seen hanging at the hands of the Punisher. Showing that his mission for vengeance is the only thing on his mind.