New ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Poster Pays Homage to ‘Alien’


Netflix are becoming promoting royalties. With the second season of Stranger Things just two months away, marketing is becoming a key tool for the streaming site to keep up the show’s popularity.

In the last few weeks, posters have been released paying homage to films that helped to inspire the first season of the sci-fi series. So far, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Running Man and Stand By Me have been the main tributes; now, a newly released promo pic appears to thank Ridley Scott’s iconic horror-space adventure, Alien.

That’s right Stranger Things fans, in the Upside Down no one can hear you scream.

Take a look at poster below:

Stranger Things pays tribute to Alien, with new promo poster.
Original 1979 poster for Ridley Scott’s Alien.