Nickelodeon’s ‘Double Dare’ is Back and Messier Than Ever!

Photo: Nickelodeon

In what might just be the most fun reboot of all time, Nickelodeon’s nostalgic game show Double Dare has made a triumphant return to the network. The new series allows kids to compete against each other, answering trivia questions and participating in a multitude of messy games and obstacles, just like the original 1986 series. Double Dare kicked off its brand-new 40-episode season on Monday night introducing the zany gameshow to a whole new generation of watchers.

From what we’ve seen of the new television series, not much has changed from the original and, you can even expect to see some blast from the past familiar faces in the upcoming episodes as well as appearances from the stars of today. Just like in the original, the two teams compete for the right to tackle the infamous obstacle course consisting of the human hamster wheel, the classic gigantic mouth, the wringer, and the iconic Double Dare pick-it nose.

The brand new host for the game show is a digital creator and actress Liza Koshy, but for those who are fans of the original game, original host Marc Summers returns to the Double Dare stage as a color commentator and to offer up his extensive knowledge and past expertise of the challenges contestants will face.

All in all, the new Double Dare is tons of fun! If you happened to have missed Monday’s premiere, we’ve got you covered! Check out the highlight reel below which features just some of the fun games the contestants tangoed with as well as a quick look at that dreaded obstacle course.

You can catch new episodes of Double Dare week nights at 8 pm on Nickelodeon. What do you think about the new and improved Double Dare game show? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.