Pennhurst Paracon – A Steamy Weekend at the Asylum!

Pennhurst Asylum, Pennhurst Paracon
Image: Linda Marie

Pennhurst Paracon 2019 was a hot ticket over the weekend! Literally. With temperatures creeping over the 100-degree mark, hardcore ghost hunting enthusiasts united in their shared passion for the paranormal. Thankfully, the sultry conditions did not dampen the mood as smiling fans meandered beneath the toasty tents.

Pennhurst Paracon
Image: Linda Marie

Certainly, the relentless heat was an unforeseen factor when planning the Paracon at Pennhurst Asylum. The organizers did their very best though to keep the show going and the attendees hydrated. Fans gathered with fans in front of fans! As a result, a certain ‘sticky’ camaraderie came in to play and hotness gave way to humor.  😉 The show must go on!

Pennhurst Paracon, Johnny Zaffis, Brian J. Cano
Image: Linda Marie

Even media mogul and paranormal pop culture researcher Aaron Sagers made an appearance! Mr. Sagers mixed, mingled and podcasted his way through the weekend.

Pennhurst Paracon, Aaron Sagers
Image: Linda Marie

Obviously, we all felt a bit baked but the guests did a great job of keeping it ‘cool’. Steve Gonsalves, Katrina Weidman, Johnny Zaffis, Dave Tango, Grant Wilson, Brian J. Cano (and more) all graciously greeted their fans with open arms. It doesn’t take a psychic to see that Pennhurst Paracon has a lot of heart!

Pennhurst Paracon, Steve Gonsalves, Katrina Weidman, Johnny Zaffis, Dave Tango, Grant Wilson, Brian J. Cano
Image: Linda Marie

And, if meeting these supernatural celebs weren’t enough, fortuitous fans had the opportunity to investigate alongside them! Yup, after tents closed up, the fun was just beginning. Investigators were separated into groups and given access to the many eerie areas in, under and around the Asylum grounds. As darkness fell, the paranormal pros stepped in to lead the way. With its controversial history, Pennhurst serves as a hotbed for Paranormal activity… the hunt was on!

Climate complications considered, Pennhurst Paracon was a perfectly put together paranormal paradise. Plans have already begun for next year. Slated to be held in September, with even more renovations underway, Pennhurst Paracon 2020 will be even bigger and better… see you there!



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