PlayStation’s State Of Play Announcements Were Somewhat Disappointing To Hardcore Fans


Sony officially gave us word last week on just how they planned to relay information after axing PSX and stepping away from E3. State of Play is the name of the Nintendo Direct-esc program Sony will be running to update us on what will be happening through the year.

We knew they did not have anything worthy of the big stage, so maybe we should have had an idea that especially with a first episode there would not be any huge announcements. I could not help but get my hopes up a little that we might hear about something like Death Stranding, but had those dashed as the final trailer played. While State of Play Episode One was devoid of large reveals, we still managed to have several surprises.

If you own a PlayStation VR, you are about to have a glut of riches to endulge in. The show started with Iron Man VR, where you get the opportunity to be Tony Stark and fly through the skies taking out missiles and enemies. No Man’s Sky was revealed to be getting a free VR update as a part of the Beyond content we have incoming. This one took me by surprise, but mainly because I have always thought No Man’s Sky to be the perfect fit for VR. Blood And Truth, the story based spy shooter will finally be landing in stores May 28th as well. Five Nights At Freddy’s is also getting VR treatment in an entry entitled, Help Wanted.

As for your non-VR games, Crash Team Racing is getting some PS4 exclusive content. There is a new indie game called ReadySetHeroes, which is a dungeon crawler with a competitive multiplayer twist. Observation was revealed, a sci-fi adventure, narrative thriller in which you play a newly sentient AI trying to assist a human crew member to get a space station’s systems back online. We also got our first look at several new trailers, Concrete Genie’s story, Days Gone’s story, and Mortal Kombat 11 connecting past with present.

That was unfortunately everything. I was hoping for some bigger reveals, but Sony must truly not be ready with anything. I am somewhat surprised we did not hear about at least one big new thing, like maybe a trailer for Medieval, or maybe a release window for Ghosts of Tsushima. In any case Sony has been very adamant to talk when they are ready, so all we can do now is simply wait.