‘Prodigal Son’ recap “All Souls and Sadists”

David Giesbrecht/FOX

A man named Gavin was stabbed 100 times, talk about overkill. Whoever killed him didn’t plan to but enjoyed the experience, like a sadist. Gavin was soon to be divorced and threatened to get full custody of his son, Isaac. A clear motive for his soon to be ex, Crystal and her slightly unstable boyfriend/trainer, Jake.

Crystal is arrested and although the profile doesn’t fit, she admits to killing Gavin. A Jacosta sadist? Malcolm is still not convinced. Malcolm’s therapist alerts him to his blind spot, he likes to see the best in Isaac…but it was really Isaac who killed Gavin. Crystal was just protecting him.

Jake is watching Isaac as he gets ready to go with a foster family. Isaac attacks because he wasn’t allowed to go trick or treating. Isaac cuts Jake’s ankles and hides upstairs. Malcolm calms Isaac and gets him the help he needs.

David Giesbrecht/FOX.

Ainsley gets her interview with Dr. Whitley AKA The Surgeon AKA her father. Her expose focuses on The Surgeon, 20 years later.

Martin reveals to his group that he doesn’t want to talk on camera while another inmate urges him to tell his story. Naturally, Jessica is upset and tries to put the kibosh on the whole thing, but Ainsley is already one step ahead of her.

David Giesbrecht/FOX.

Malcolm found his father’s station wagon. It’s another puzzle piece of his past and It’s covered in blood.


I enjoyed getting to see more of Ainsley. It is scary is how manipulative Martin is. I can’t wait to see her interview and see if she continues to visit Martin. I know, I’m crazy, but I kind of want to see what happens. Also, thank you FOX for not showing us the dead rabbits. I can handle a lot, but I draw the line at dead animals.


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