‘Prodigal Son’ recap “Like Father…”

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Like father, like son… Malcolm desperately believes that he is not like his father, that he was framed for the murder of Eddie. The evidence is against him and Malcolm is under house arrest.

Malcolm tries to escape by disabling the alarm sensor on his ankle monitor. Malcolm puts his ankle monitor on Leonard and escapes. Eddie was smothered by a hospital pillow. Dani says that means it was personal, so Malcolm could’ve done it. Adrisa refuses to believe it. Malcolm overheard the analysis and says Dani was right. They both believe Malcolm is innocent and now need to figure out how his DNA got on the body.

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Nicholas Endicott invites Jessica to dinner to help with Malcolm’s case. Malcolm, however, thinks he is the one framing him. Everett Sterling tells Malcolm that Nicholas was never after money, he wanted power and loyalty. Before being shot, sterling says that Martin needs to tell him where Sophie’s files are because he’s the only one how can stop this.

Gil, JT, and Dani visit Malcolm and he is arrested for leaving. Because he is refused an update, Malcolm confesses so he can be taken to the station. Malcolm says Endicott fabricates DNA and that there’s a possibility that Eddie was dead before Malcolm saw him.

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There’s a bounty on Martin who was moved to GenPop. Someone (Endicott) wants him dead. Martin is scared because he nor Sophie had any files… a calculated bluff. Martin doesn’t know how to help Malcolm and advises that Endicott needs to die for this to be over.

At dinner, Endicott admits to Jessica that he got Martin transferred and that he’s head over heels for her. Gil, of course, crashes the date and one of Endicott’s henchmen stabs him in the stomach. Jessica, seeing the whole thing knocks Endicott out and takes Gil’s car. She crashes into the car with Gil’s body and rescues him, taking him to the hospital.

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Malcolm listens to Eve’s voicemail again and asks Dani to trace the location- a Northeastern Animal Clinic in Hamden, Connecticut? The veterinarian is the girl in the box… and he’s the boy in the basement.

Malcolm apologizes for the things his father did to her and deduces that Sophie killed Eddie. The sisters only spent four days together before Eve was killed.

Martin saves himself by diagnosing his assailant with a tumor after witnessing an involuntary scratching. The other inmates fight over who gets to kill him.

David Giesbrecht/FOX.

There’s a warrant out for Endicott and Ainsley summons Malcolm to come home, NOW. Endicott is waiting for him. Malcolm tells Endicott that he’s screwed but Endicott continues to talk. Malcolm grabs a gun but he’s not a killer. Ainsley, taking her father’s advice, sneaks up behind him and slits his throat before stabbing him over and over again.

“My girl” – Martin

This finale was absolutely wonderful! I can’t believe that twist! Like father, like daughter! Honestly, I could not have asked for a better ending!! We better get a season two!


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