‘Speechless’ preview: Treat Yourself to a Double Dose of DiMeo on 3/14

ABC is airing all new back-to-back episodes of Speechless this week. Tune in for a double dose of DiMeo starting at 8/7 central.

First up: “One A-N–ANGRY  M–MAYA”

The episode title may only mention Maya, but it is chock-full of fantastic moments with each member of the family. And, yes, that includes Kenneth!

Kenneth and J.J. begin using the same dating app. The pair are looking for love side by side as they attempt to establish the perfect profiles to reveal the best sides of themselves. Much is revealed indeed, just not what they expected.

SPEECHLESS - "ONE A-N-- ANGRY M-- MAYA" The ABC Television Network.  (ABC/Richard Cartwright) MICAH FOWLER
SPEECHLESS – “ONE A-N– ANGRY M– MAYA” The ABC Television Network.  (ABC/Richard Cartwright)

The friendship between Kenneth and J.J. is definitely coming full circle as we see not just Kenneth helping J.J. but seeing Kenneth learn some lessons from J.J. as well. It is great seeing J.J. move forward as a young adult with a friend like Kenneth by his side.

What would Speechless be without some Ray paranoia? Well, there is no shortage of it this week. Without Taylor monopolizing his time, Ray decides to reconnect with his family members. But he is shocked to learn that some things seem to have changed. Poor Ray!

Maya gets called for jury duty, a civic duty that most are not excited about. We learn how Maya feels about it — through song! Maya encounters a couple of surprises of her own during her time at the courthouse and learns a few things along the way. And I think all moms will appreciate Maya’s delight in the idea of finally finding time to read a new (but quite old) book.

Next up: “A-C–ACTION”

While there is never a dull moment on Speechless, the action actually refers to J.J. directing a film for school. The eldest DiMeo gets a lot of “help” with the production, including some hilarious turns from Ray. But who is really calling the shots?

SPEECHLESS – “A-C– ACTION” The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Eric McCandless)

The past becomes present when Dylan unearths some mysterious footage for her journalism class. The cat and mouse routine that ensues between Dylan and Maya is on point. Let’s just say Maya could have a lucrative future in psychological thrillers. Dylan is usually the mastermind but always meets her match in her mom.

The past makes a visit to Jimmy as well. An opportunity to utilize some of his original career training presents itself. Jimmy is thrilled to put his architectural skills to use, but what’s the catch?

“A-C–ACTION” brings the laughs and the heart as always. But it also deepens our knowledge of the DiMeos, feeding our curiosity for learning more and more about them.


Be sure to remember that Speechless starts early at 8/7 central this week on ABC and will run for the full hour. Be on time to get your complete “Double Dose of DiMeo”!