‘Steven Universe Future’ recap ‘Little HomeSchool’


We’re here in the future and Steven is still busy healing the bubbled corrupted gems.

Using a combination of the 4 diamonds essences, he unbundled and heals a Cherry Quartz. Explaining to Cherry that he’s healed her, he shows her around Beach City, taking her to Little Home School. The Crystal Gems are busy following their passing and teaching the newly uncorrupted gems how to do the same, as well as how to cope now that they’re in the future. Unfortunately Stephen is still struggling to reach every gem, there’s still one he can’t help out in the forest.

Jasper is refusing to join the other gems, refusing to accept Earth and that the war is over. Growing frustrated, Steven and Harper end up squaring off and Steven agrees to fight her on his own. Struggling to win without a fusion, Stevens gem comes in to full force and he glows pink. Embued with his new diamond pink diamond strength, he wins the battle and realizes he could learn a lot from Jasper. Jasper refuses the offer of a job and warns Steven this is the first and last lesson he’ll ever get from her.


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