‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Production Begins With New Cast Photo


Great news from the Upside down (literally)!  Late last week, the social media accounts for the Netflix hit series Stranger Things gave fans a little teaser and some big news.  Stranger Things is officially back in production for the highly anticipated Season 2 and all of your favorites are back (well, except Barb, that is. Sorry, Barb fans).

The social media accounts sent out a playful upside-down picture of the cast at a table read for the upcoming season including Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven. There were questions surrounding whether or not Eleven would be returning, however, last month, it was confirmed that she would be back, in some capacity, for Season 2.

With the whole crew back together again, we are ready for the influx of exciting news that is sure to come in the next several months!





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