Microsoft Releases Updated App Which Now Allows You To Stream Your PC Games on an Xbox One


Microsoft unexpectedly updated their Wireless Display app to allow Xbox One users to stream PC games – from Steam and other sources – directly to their Xbox One and then play those games with the Xbox One Controller. It was an update we never knew we needed, but now we will wonder how we ever lived without.

The app creates a wireless connection between the PC and the Xbox One to broadcast your PC games with little to no lag on your Xbox One hardware. While connected, users can opt to control their PC with the Xbox One controller, opening a wide range of alternative uses for the app aside from merely streaming games. For the time being though, the app does not allow for traditional keyboard and mouse. Hopefully this will be remedied in future updates, but so far there has been no word from Microsoft as to whether that option is being considered.

The newly updated version of the Wireless Display app, previously named Connect on Windows, hit the app stores yesterday and can be downloaded for free and is currently the best way to stream your Steam collection directly to a console.

Will you be using the app? What are your thoughts on playing PC games using a traditional Xbox One controller? Let us know in the comments!