‘Suicide Squad: The Album’ : RVLS Covers Heathens by TØP!


We are so excited to show you this amazing band. I got to know them through a Tweet that was posted by Ash Costello, the lead vocalist of New Years Day.

I was in need of new music and I thought I would give it a chance. Good thing I did! Everyone, meet RVLS (pronounced: Rivals) and their awesome Suicide Squad soundtrack cover.

Warning: be aware you’ll hear and see awesome things in the next video.


Don’t they look and sound amazing? The original song, as everyone might know, is a soundtrack that is number 3 on the Suicide Squad: the album CD and is performed by TØP (or Twenty One Pilots). RVLS is a Los Angeles, CA based band and they are stealing our hearts for sure!

They have no planned dates for concert, but if you want to check up on them (as I will do religiously) you can follow them on Twitter and like their Facebook page. Make sure you tell them how awesome you think they are!



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