‘Supergirl’ Preview ‘The House of L’

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Supergirl Preview ‘The House of L’

Lex Luthor is free and his mission is to break the Girl of Steel. Since Superman is living on Argo, there’s noone else to take the brunt of his rage, so Kara is it. Plus, he might know who she is, as in the trailer, there is a shot of him in Kara’s apartment. Lex isn’t going it alone, however, as he knows he is no match for her power. Instead, he will turn to the only being who can match Supergirl, the Siberian Kara, and she is willing to follow Lex to the ends of the Earth.

I’m interested to see how all of the storylines of the season are going to come together. What I’m thinking is that the fight of the Karas is going to fuel the president and Sons of Liberty in their quest to prove all alien life needs to be expelled from Earth. Having two incredibly powerful beings go at it definitely won’t help the situation. Is that what Lex wants though? For Supergirl to just go away? It’s also possible that he has been pulling the strings with the Sons the whole time, since the Graves siblings worked for him previously. Cause an uproar, then be the beacon of hope when things are at their worst. That’s a very Lex thing. I don’t think Lena is going to allow that to happen. She is the only one who can keep stride with Lex, and she will be out for revenge againt her brother and Eve. Is this finally the time when she’ll find out the truth about Supergirl?