‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Back From the Future – Part One’

Supergirl Recap ‘Back From the Future – Part One’

Team Supergirl goes head to head with a familiar face in this week’s new episode. After last week’s turn, Brainy is working with Lex in order to bring down Leviathan. The first step in their plan is for Brainy to attack a prisoner transport. This act leads to the release of Toyman, aka Winslow Schott. Lex then convinces him to kill the man who tarnished the Schott name during a toy convention.

Kara and William arrive at the convention and William starts berating Lex. Following the “interrogation,” Lex pulls Kara aside and gives her a warning. Should William continue to pursue this line of questioning, he will be forced to take drastic measures. Kara wants to figure out what Lex is up to, but doesn’t want William to be put in harm’s way. She tries to convince him to back off the Lex case.

Meanwhile, Toyman strikes. He fires a bullet at his victim, and Kara isn’t fast enough to intervene. However, a ship arrives at that moment, blocking the attack. The real Winn Schott has returned, from the future. He tells Team Supergirl that if the Winn from another Earth succeeds in killing, then his life is ruined. There is a bounty on him in the future. Of course, Team Supergirl isn’t going to give up so easily. The next time Toyman strikes, they are ready. After presumably blowing himself up, Toyman’s plan was foiled and the wanted poster for Winn disappears. The team celebrates their victory and having their friend back, but everything isn’t as it seems. Toyman could possibly still be alive.

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But what was Lex’s goal for releasing the villain? Turns out he and Brainy were using him as bait to lure Winn from the future. Lex wanted access to the Legion’s ship in order to uncover more information on Leviathan. He uncovers the duo responsible for the evil organization, and recognizes the woman in the photo. She has a connection to Andrea Rojas. Lex tasks Lena with getting Andrea to open up about her connection to Leviathan. When asked, however, she knows nothing besides the name. Andrea is scared of the organization, and Lena promises to be there for her friend should anything happen.

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So what is Lex’s plan? He wants to stop Leviathan, but is that really the case? Does he actually mean to make the organization his own? That seems like a very Lex thing to do. He wouldn’t be out there trying to bring them down for the good of the world. He’s a master manipulator and has already brought two good people over to his side. Hopefully, Lena and Brainy will see the error of their ways and go back to the light.

Supergirl takes a break the next couple of weeks and returns Sunday, February 16.

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