‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Blood Memory’

Supergirl Recap ‘Blood Memory’

The Supergirl over in Kaznia continues her training, but something goes wrong. She falls unconscious and when the medical staff try to bring her back, a wave of energy is released that infects  objects with her abilities. In National City, two drug dealers have their stash infected. When someone takes the pills, it gives them alien-like strength, harnessing their rage. The first attack happens at a frat party and this is the first time that Alex and Supergirl meet following the decision to wipe Alex’s mind. After cleaning up the attack, the two interact and it doesn’t go that well. Kara calls her “Alex” to which her sister responds “It’s Director Danvers.” The mind wipe worked, but at what costs?

Nia is supposed to be taking a trip home over the weekend, but all flights out of National City have been cancelled. She doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to go to her home’s harvest festival, which celebrates the unity between humans and aliens, so Kara volunteers to go with her. Along the way, Nia has a dream, but can’t really figure out what it means. At first she thinks that it was just a normal dream, nothing prophetic. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. We meet Nia’s family and learn that her sister, Maeve, believes that she will be the one to inherit the powers because they pass down to the daughter. Maeve has studied all her life and is so ready to become the dreamer. Nia doesn’t want to tell her the truth because she know that it will break her heart. Nia’s mother recognizes that the power has gone to Nia and tells her that she is ready to become a hero. Nia’s mother then passes away.

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With some help from Brainy, Alex tracks down the dealers of the “angry drug” and find that the two boys were attacked, their stash stolen. The Sons of Liberty found them first and plan to use the drugs then attack the harvest festival. One of the dealers tells Alex that his sister followed after the Sons. She was always bullied as a kid and has a lot of pent-up rage. He thinks her seeing them attacked triggered it and she wants revenge. Alex promises to do everything she can for her. Meanwhile, the harvest festival has been turned into a memorial for Nia’s mother. During Maeve’s speech, Nia has a vision of the Sons attacking. She jumps up and saves her sister from being axed. That’s when Maeve realizes the truth. A fight breaks out between the aliens and Sons, which is when the DEO appears. Kara changes into Supergirl to help diffuse the situation. Alex goes after the dealer’s sister, who has taken one of the drugs and is being attacked by an alien. Alex is going to shoot the alien when Kara interferes. She asks Alex to stand down, but she refuses. Kara then uses her laser vision to shoot the gun out of Alex’s hand. Alex tells Supergirl that she should have her arrested for harming an officer. She then emotionally attacks Supergirl, saying she doesn’t know what it’s like to be vulnerable since she is the “Girl of Steel.”

Kara and Nia are in a bad place when they depart from Nia’s hometown. Nia tried to talk to Maeve before they left, saying that she didn’t tell her the truth because she was trying to transfer the powers to her. She never asked for them and certainly doesn’t want them. Maeve doesn’t understand how Nia got the powers because she’s not even a true girl. While driving home, Kara tries to talk to Nia, who shuts her down. Nia says Kara has no idea what’s she’s going through. Kara stops the car. She pulls off her glasses then flies into the air, revealing her true self to Nia. Kara wants her to know that she isn’t alone. There are people who are there for her. Kara knows that Nia can become a hero.

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It was so sad to see the crumbling of Kara and Alex’s relationship. It has always been the core of the series and J’onn has it right when he says that the two have such a deep bond that it completely changes who Alex is. Alex no longer has any sympathy for aliens because she doesn’t know she grew up with one. She doesn’t even know Kara’s favorite movie anymore because the reason for that is based in Kara’s other-worldly-ness. And then, Kara actually had to attack Alex. I’m thinking that the DEO might end up taking an anti-alien stance and almost side with the Sons of Liberty because Alex was such a big advocate for protection. Now, she doesn’t feel that. Things have certainly changed, and for the worse.