‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Crime and Punishment’

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Supergirl Recap ‘Crime and Punishment’

Following the attack on the White House, Supergirl is labeled public enemy #1. The government has even gone so far as to inact a mandatory curfew until Supergirl is detained. This won’t stop Kara from trying to help people, but it gets her in hot water. She, Alex, and Lena try to figure out what their next move is, which involves going to the prison where Lex was held. Alex stays behind to try and keep any information on aliens or Supergirl from falling into Lockwood’s hands. Colonel Haley is on Alex’s side, thankfully, but can only do so much against Lockwood. She buys time by demanding Lockwood get a court order for access to the DEO’s records. Brainy struggles with the decision to wipe the alien registry from the DEO’s computers. He ends up doing so, but making a copy for when the air is clear.

At the prison, Supergirl and Lena learn that the warden was in on Lex’s ventures outside the prison. He allows them access to the cell, but they aren’t the only ones who are visiting with Lex in mind. Otis Graves shows up, kills the warden, and starts a prison riot. Lena is left alone in Lex’s cell to read through all of her brother’s journals while Supergirl deals with Otis and the riot. Luckily, Lena has a Kryptonite shield on her so Supergirl stands a change against the new Metallo. Otis is more powerful than Kara expected, however, and he ends up breaking the shield. Kara quickly changes out of her guise and into normal clothes, saying she’s here as a reporter to get away from Otis. That’s when she meets up with Steve Lomeli, who recognizes her. He tells Kara that if she wants, he would be willing to talk to her about Lex.

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Meanwhile, James is having PTSD following the attack in his office. Kelly suggests he talk to a therapist, but he is opposed to the idea. Eventually, he gives in. The therapist gives him some advice on going to a happy place whenever he has a panic attack, but his happy place is where he was attacked. Still, James tries to control the anxiety. Later, at work, he has an attack, and though he tries to calm himself, it doesn’t work. James then loses control, experiencing a surge of super strength and breaking things in his office. Looks like Lena didn’t fully remove the super powers side-effect from the Harun-El.

Back in prison, Lena finds a secret room beneath Lex’s prison. She and Supergirl are going through his records when Otis enters the cell. He takes a phone call from Lex, and then the Kryptonite plate on his chest starts blinking. Supergirl bursts through the wall as Otis detonates, destroying everything. Later, Supergirl tells Lena and Alex that she doesn’t want to involve them in her plans. Lena almost got herself killed in the riot and Alex is in constant danger at the DEO with Lockwood and the newly deputized Sons of Liberty. She tells them that she is going to hang up her cape for a bit, lay low. They reluctantly agree. Then, Kara has a meeting with Steve who thanks her for trying to bring Lex to justice. He tells her that there is a hard drive that contains all the information from Lex’s notebooks and computer.

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We are four episode from the season finale, and I feel like there is so much that needs to happen in that time. I’m guessing that James developing super powers will roll into next season, with him potentially losing control of the powers and becoming an antagonist. That would be interesting, though in the same vein as Reign last season. I don’t really know what James is going to do with powers, as he can no longer be Guardian. Kara’s decision to hang up the cape for a bit is probably for the best, but she shouldn’t keep Alex and Lena at arm’s length. She’s going to need both of them in order to outsmart Lex.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘American Dreamer.’


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